Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We Love Our Youth Worker Charter

Youthwork the Partnership and Amaze have put together a charter for churches called "we love our youth worker", with it's own website. Check it out, and think about getting your church to look at the seven pledges and apply for the charter. It will mark out your church as one which takes youth work with young people (and it's responsibilities as an employer of a youth worker) seriously.

It is a fantastic place to start and gives an attainable bar for every single church that employs someone to work with young people. As a work in progress, there is more to come I am sure . . . personally, I would love an eighth pledge, "we will work ecumenically and recognise the richness the wider church has to offer our youth work and our youth worker" - but that might just be a personal thing. It also begs a question though, "do we love our vicars, children's workers, family workers, church wardens, readers, deacons, curates . . . ?"

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